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When is Rakhi in 2014?

When is Rakhi 2014?, 10th August, 2014
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The bonding of the siblings is regarded the strongest companionship. The brother sister relation involves affection, concern and attachment. Their devoted lifelong support is a priceless possession. We rely on them during crisis and grief.

We celebrate together in each other’s success or festivity. Raksha Bandhan is the pious occasion when the whole world celebrates this adorable relationship. Observed in the full moon day of the month of Shravana, on this day sisters tie a sacred rakhi on her brother’s wrist. It symbolises sister’s love who wishes the well being and prosperity of her brother. The brother also promises to protect his sister from all the uncertainties of life.

Raksha Bandhan In the year 2014, the auspicious occasion of Rakhi will be celebrated on 10th August. It falls on Sunday.

One of the most esteemed festivals of India, Raksha Bandhan is widely observed by Hindu, Jain and the Sikh community. This traditional ceremony has its origin since the vedic ages. It was regarded as the quintessential custom to build and strengthen the social bonds. The royal families of the medieval ages exchanged these sacred threads with each other as a symbol to continue the harmonious relations. With the due course of time, Raksha Bandhan has evolved as the festival of the people transcending all the physical boundaries. From the usual brother-sister fanfare, it has now emerged as the celebration of togetherness. From the warmth shared by the siblings, Rakhi now propagates the feeling of unity and commitment for peaceful coexistence.

Rakhi Thali The preparations for the celebration start much prior of the reverent occasion. Women start buying colourful and fancy rakhis that will elate their brothers. All the shops and stores are decorated with captivating rakhis, sweets, gifts and other ceremonial materials. On the propitious day, people adorn new traditional and ethnic attires. The female members of the family arrange the sacred rakhi thali, as the sister binds the rakhi and performs aarti of her brother. In return, the brother pampers his sister with love, blessings and delightful gifts. This graceful custom is followed among cousins, relatives and neighbours too. With the religious fervour, Raksha Bandhan also unites our extended family. It builds a stronger bond within the family members. On this day, several mouth watering dishes are prepared and enjoyed together over a family lunch.
Rakhi Hamper, the most proficient online gifting portal has brought a profuse collection of gifts for the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan. The enticing assemblage includes numerous gifts for brothers, sisters and kids. It has an extensive collection of colourful rakhis with radiant embellishments which will surprise every recipient. The rich assortment is precisely divided into different categories from which you can choose according to your choice and preference. On Raksha Bandhan, the most conventional gifting options for brothers are electronic gadgets, watches and perfumes. Your lovable sister will be elated to receive sarees, cosmetics and jewellery as return gifts. Gift Hampers and Personalized Gifts are the most popular gifting options of this reverential day.

Raksha Bandhan is the occasion which inspires us to develop moral, cultural and spiritual values. Within the customary emotions between siblings, it develops an inseparable bond based on trust and mutual belief. Celebrate this pious occasion with a lot of ebullience and vivacity to make it a cherishable affair in the years to come. 

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