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The sweet relationship between a brother and a sister is very precious. Rakhi is a festival that celebrates this beautiful bond of love. Though brothers and sisters share and enjoy the bond of love between them throughout the year but Rakhi is the day when they get an opportunity to express their tender love and feelings towards each other. The Rakhi day is an opportunity for them to commemorate their loving memories, loyalty, closeness, trust and friendship that is lasting and true. Th articles discuss the celebration of Rakhi in India. It throws light on the way sisters and brothers send gifts to India on Rakhi. The online gifting website provide a reliable platform through which you can send special gifts on the festival of Rakhi.

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  • About Rakhi

    About Rakhi

    The Bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the most beautiful and chaste relationship . Raksha Bandhan or rakhi is a festival to celebrate this bond. The festival is celebrated with the tying of the Rakhi thread around a brothers wrist.This thread, which pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments, is rightly called the ‘Rakhi’. It means 'a bond of protection. The day involves a lot of gift exchange and merry making. Today brothers and sisters all over the world can send rakhi and rakhi special gifts to India with the help of online gift stores and websites.

  • Varieties of Rakhi

    Varieties of Rakhi

    Raksha Bandhan is one of the major festivals in India which celebrates the eternal relationship between a brother and sister. It is the time of the year when there is happiness all around. The spirit of Rakhi lies in a strong sense of bonding which is not only restricted between brothers and sisters but goes far beyond. A Rakhi thread can be tied on the hand of persons across different religions, race and creed to show solidarity and love. The articles in this chapter discuss different types of Rakhis which can be presented during the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Each Rakhi thread has its special importance and beauty. The chapter comprises of engaging articles which discuss at length varieties of Rakhis like Kids Rakhi, Zardoshi Rakhi, Gold, Silver, Precious Rakhi, Rakhi threads, Rakhi Lumba, Trendy Rakhis, Divine Rakhi and the like.

  • Rakhi Gift Ideas

    Rakhi Gift Ideas

    Rakhi is a festival of love and friendship. Rakhshabandhan denotes the sacred relationship that exists between a brother and a sister. The tying of a rakhi around the brothers wrist is not just a ceremony, but the threads symbolizes immense love and a bondage that remains life long. Rakhshanbandhan also symbolize a brother’s promise of being a best friend of his sister who will guard her from all the problems in life.The articles in this chapter deals with the various facets of this festival. The article discuss the history of rakhi, its celebrations and the various gifts that are exchanged between brothers, sisters and thier families. The gifts are chosen and decorated , wrapped in love and send to India on Rakhshabandhan.

  • When is Rakhi

    When is Rakhi

    Rakhi is a religious Indian festival that celebrates the never ending relationship of love and respect between a brother and a sister. When the onset of this festival come a lot of celebration, enthusiasm and exchange of gifts. The articles in this chapter throws light on the day and date on which rakhi is celebrated worldwide. The articles also discuss the nature of this festival, the different kinds of celebrations involved and the true spirit of festivity.

  • Recipies For Rakhi

    Recipies For Rakhi

    Rakhi being an important festival of India is celebrated with great pomp and vigour all over the country. Feasting is the core essence of this grand festival. Traditional dishes such as gulab jamun, peda, malpua etc are cooked on this day. So, celebrate this special day by cooking some mouth-watering dishes. The articles assigned in this chapter provide detailed information about various palatable dishes that can be cooked on Raksha Bandhan.

  • Unique Ideas to celebrate Rakhi

    Unique Ideas to celebrate Rakhi

    Rakhi is a festival which is celebrated to honour the eternal bond of love between brothers and sisters. Thus, along with exchanging gifts, you can make your sisters or brothers’ day more special by watching a latest movie, dinning in a top-class restaurant or just spending some quality time with each other.  The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the different unique ideas to make the celebration of Rakhi more memorable.

  • Rakhi Press Releases

    Rakhi Press Releases

    Raksha Bandhan is a day of celebrating the bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. Make the celebration grand by sending attractive Rakhis along with other amazing gifts to your sibling. You can come to know about the latest products launched by our company by keeping a watch on the press release section. This chapter includes press releases that discuss about the developments, releases and innovations happening at our company.

  • Rakhi Celebrations

    Rakhi Celebrations

    This articles discusses about various Rakhi celebrations. It also brings forward amazing gift ideas which you can send from miles away to delight your adorable sibling on this special day. This article also focuses on amazing ways to celebrate Rakhi in India and also in different parts of the world.

  • Rakhi Celebrations in Bollywood

    Rakhi Celebrations in Bollywood

    This article discusses about different ways of celebrating Rakhi in Bollywood.

  • Personalized Rakhi Gifts

    Personalized Rakhi Gifts

    This article discusses about various kinds of Personalized Rakhi Gifts.

  • Rakhi Gifting

    Rakhi Gifting

    This chapter discusses about various gift ideas for Rakhi. It also informs the readers about the most flexible and convenient way to send Rakhi to India. In fact, this chapter focuses on the best way rather easy way to send online gifts to India on most popular Indian festival like Raksha Bandhan.

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  • kajari purnima

    Rakhi Celebration As Kajari Purnima

    the extra special bond of protection in the form of rakhi is not just a plain thread but a sacred bonding filled with sentiments. it is the emotions of love, care, protection and duty that overall depict the hearty festival of raksha bandhan. this day of full moon has always been of great importance in the hearts of every indian. we all know that around us, this rakhi 2018 was celebrated with gusto and devotion by almost every state of india but not to forget in a unique manner. at one place the day is celebrated for fisher folks and at the other it is the day of farmers. if it is called coconut festival in maharashtra then it is also referred to as kajari purnima in madhya pradesh. so let us illuminate on the traditions of central india where rakhi is celebrated as kajari purnima. the full moon day of shravan month is named as kajari purnima in the areas of madhya pradesh, chhattisgarh, bihar and parts of uttar pradesh. kajari purnima is the day of farmers. as per the indian traditional culture, this day is marked as a welcoming of the sowing season for our farmers generally residing in the areas of madhya pradesh, chhattisgarh and neighbouring places. it is the end of the monsoon season and thus it holds a great importance for farmers.   according to one ritual, seven days before kajari purnima, on the shravan shukla navami, women bring wheat from the fields in a leaf-cup and then put it in a room devoid of sunlight and air. the area where the leaf cup is placed is washed with mud and cow dung. the floor is then decorated with rice rangolis of traditional patterns and designs after which the cup is dutifully worshipped. this procedure is repeated everyday till the final ritual is performed on kajari purnima. on this day, women take that leaf cup on their heads and immerse it into a water body or lake nearby. they also fast and pray for their son’s well being. the intricate patterns of rice solutions that are decorated near the place of leaf cup is called rangoli. it involves the patterns of household articles and day to day activities in a common life; there can be either a child in a cradle or figures of houses. the indian goddess of prosperity, goddess bhagwati, is worshipped on the day of kajari purnima and prayers of a good cropping season are recited. barley and wheat are the two main crops which are sown at the starting of the season by the farmers of central india on this day.   whatever we say, believe or follow, one thing is common and that is the spirit of harmony and love behind the beautiful dor of raksha bandhan and that surely makes us united. so, for this rakhi 2018, no barrier can possibly come between a brother and sister. even if you are not in india, the boon of online rakhi will always make your brother feel special.

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  • pavitropana

    Rakhi Celebration As Pavitropana

    a memorable cassette of sweet and sour memories plays in your head whenever you are busy with your work abroad but wish to send rakhis to india. it is the absolute truth that you can send rakhi to india from usa to your brother as well as surprise him with touchy gifts through this online rakhi store. you surely crave for the lovely festivities immersed in the recipe of love and care, spiced up with exciting presents and wrapped up with some finger licking sweets. this exclusive full moon day when a sister ties a bond of protection or rakhi to her brother and she in return gets the gift of her choice, it ultimately brings to you the warmth of your home sweet home. you will be surprised to know how this festival of raksha bandhan is much more than a serene bond of pure love in a brother sister relation. gujaratis view this festival as a means of devotion towards lord shiva and call it pavitropana. the basic features of this pavitropana in the states of gujarat will intrigue you for sure.   in the indian state of gujarat, the festival of raksha bandhan is celebrated as pavitropana. as the people of gujarat are, no doubt, the biggest devotees of lord shiva as per the hindu mythology, they worship god shiva on this day. on the purnima, they dutifully pray to lord shiva and seek their blessings. shiv lings in almost every temple of gujarat are offered water and worshipped through customary rituals. during the ceremony of pavitropana, the panchagavya is offered to the shiv lings. these include a mixture of cow’s ghee, curd, milk, urine and excreta, as cow is regarded as a sacred animal among hindus. the panchagavya is offered by soaking it in the twisted filaments of cotton and then fastened around the shiv lings. narrated by the lord krishna himself, the story behind this festival being celebrated as putrada ekadashi is quite fascinating in itself. he narrated the story of the king mahijit during the onset of dwapara yug. this particular king of mahishmati puri was troubled by his fate of not having any lineage. he was never blessed with a son although he tried. so, after a decade he summoned a group of advisors and admitted that he had not done anything wrong to anyone and hence there was no reason for his not being blessed with a son. being deeply troubled by these unfair and cruel acts of destiny, he confessed that he never committed any sin and also asked for their thoughts and advices on the issue. this whole tale is straight from the sources of bhavishya purana.   the sacred thread used during the worship is known as pavitras. in this age of development not only is the online rakhi to india innovative and advanced but also the ancient pavitras have a makeover. you can easily find the silver, pearl, gold or rich silk made pavitras to complete this ceremonial day of pavitropana.  

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  • kapil sharma show

    Raksha Bandhan Celebration At The Kapil Sharma Show

    akira aka sonakshi sinha made a grand appearance on the kapil sharma show and had  a gala time with kapil sharma and the rest of the team. sonakshi became part of the madness that is part and parcel of the kapil sharma to promote her action thriller akira. but soon the hilarious episode of the kapil sharma show became a rakhi special episode as sona was keen to brotherzone kapil sharma.   kapil who usually gets his way through flirting with all the bollywood leading ladies who appear on the kapil sharma, could not pull off the same trick on sona! sonakshi who came to promote akira, was in mood to have some fun and she made sure to carry a huge rakhi for kapil to celebrate rakhi 2016 a bit in advance. he obviously didn’t like being brotherzoned at all. she ran to tie him a rakhi, he ran for his life. he made all the faces he could. but nothing could have saved him from sonakshi’s rakhi. they are siblings for life now.   the actress shared a picture of the same on her official twitter account “u can run u can hide but u cant escape my… rakhi. stay tuned for a super fun episode of the @kapilsharmak9 show!” the picture shows sonakshi grinning at the camera, while kapil sharma sits there on the couch, rakhi on his wrist and a disgusted look on his face. we guess not even in his dreams kapil was expecting to get brotherzoned by the lady dabangg this rakshabandhan.   sonakshi was also seen having a ball with the adorable zanjeer, the cute labrador of kapil. she shared a picture with the doggie playing tug of war on her instagram account with a caption that read “tug of war with zanju on #thekapilsharmashow! #akira #akirapromotions #shootshenanigans #dogsofinstagram #doggylove.” she skipped roped on his sets! she shook a leg with her fans too. met with kapil’s on-stage wife manju. and when she got tired from having all these fun she took a nap.   send rakhis to india with this proficient rakhi online gifting portal. when the time comes you can also send many rakhi gifts india. this rakhi gifting portal provides you with the some of the big rakhis which are traditional with some new and unique designs and thus make this occasion a more joyous one.    

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  • gamha purnima

    Rakhi Celebration as Gamha Purnima

    each and every holy festival of india has a unique story to narrate and a legend behind it, and so is the case of rakhi or raksha bandhan. the sacred bond of rakhi tied on a brother’s wrist by his sister, applying of tilak and a delightful exchange of gifts and sweets; this is all that we know about raksha bandhan festival. even if you are far away from your country, the spirit of this festival never dies as you can also send rakhis to india to your beloved family. what we are oblivious to is the fascinating story of rakhi celebration as gamha purnima in the picturesque state of orissa. the traditional beliefs behind this festival are so many that you would be truly captivated by the interesting details. let us see how it is celebrated in orissa. in orissa, the day of raksha bandhan or gamha purnima is vividly remembered for agrarian culture. in the areas of paralakhemundi, nayagarh and other parts of orissa, this sacred day of brother sister bond is also celebrated as the birthday of the legend who is behind this customary agrarian heritage. it is the birthday of lord balarama, the elder brother of lord sri krishna and is celebrated by playing a traditional game of gamha diyan or the gamha jump by the people of orissa.   in this gamha purnima, people never fail to forget the importance of animals and they show their respect through a customary ritual. on this day, the domestic bullocks and cows are not only beautifully adorned and worshipped but rakhis are also tied to the horns of the bovine folk. many telugu families also adopted a similar tradition after this. in the rainy days of shravan, lord krishna and radha are believed to enjoy the season, starting from the shukla paksha ekadashi and ending on gamha purnima. this beautiful festival of rakhi is hence termed as jhulan jatra when the idols of both are adorned on a swing or jhulan. this festival is not only about a dutiful bond of protection and love between a brother and a sister but much more than that. the festival of gamha purnima is for sending rakhi gifts to india and its farmers, the spirit and power of the rich heritage of indian agriculture. it is through the customs of this day that we come together to show respect to the wooden ploughs and bullocks that play a significant role in the lives of our farmers. it is the full moon day with the denouement of the shravan month of hindu calendar that is celebrated as raksha bandhan, rakhi poornima or gamha purnima.   the festivities of raksha bandhan in orissa are accompanied by an action-packed game. the gamha diyan or the gamha jump involves a platform, two poles, a bamboo stick and several fruits. the platform which is termed as gamha, made of bricks, grass and mud, is filled with stones in the middle to assure its strength and is made high upwards and low downwards. its top is similar to a tower. two poles are dug opposite to each other, connected by a bamboo stick and are not too far from the top. the luscious fruits are tied to the bamboo stick and the people are asked to run from downwards to the top, to catch the fruits while jumping. the gamha purnima festival in the state of orissa is very rich culturally and also in its diversity. hence, sending gifts during this time is a must and this online rakhi store can help you a great deal in this regard. the way in which raksha bandhan is celebrated in orissa is quite spectacular and eye catching.  

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Popular Posts on Rakhi
  • making a rakhi card

    How to make a Rakhi Card

    rakhi is an auspicious hindu festival that resonates with the beauty of a brother-sister relationship. since time immemorial, the festival of rakhi ushers in a deep sense of honest sentiments to its practitioners by and large. on every shravana purnima rakhi is celebrated by tying a sacrosanct thread to a man's right-hand wrist by his sisters. this rakhi thread is believed to have apotropaic powers that protect a brother from any unforeseen danger. the brother, in turn, promises to stand aside his sister all lifelong. the practice of exchanging rakhi gifts in between brothers and sisters are a very common phenomenon on this day. it is through this gesture that the beauty of this festival reinstates one of the most beautiful bonding of human relationships. though there are a plethora of rakhi gift ideas as available today in the indian market, wishing the day with a rakhi greeting cards seems to be a special gesture. a card, incorporated with some heartfelt words as inscribed in it, renders the auspicious celebration of rakhi a serene emblem. so, touch your siblings' heart in a special way on this festive celebration of rakhi by sending them to your beloved siblings in india. on this discourse, we will throw some light hereupon on some valuable tips of making rakhi greeting cards appealing to the senses to a great extent. these rakhi cards can be both handmade or printed, depending upon the wishes of the sender, and are easy and fun to make. here is the complete list of all those things that you will require in making beautifully embellished rakhi greeting cards. these list includes: some handmade paper panel cards; water or poster colors to paint; tinkles, sparkles, threads, and ribbons for decorative purposes; and a glitter gel pen for writing the text. now here is the method: cut the cardboard paper into a desired size of 7 inches x 11 inches as this is the ideal rakhi cards' size, and fold it in the middle. leaving a half inch white space along with its border, paste the thread. the size of this rectangular space may vary as per your design requirements. on the inside of the rectangular space, if you like you can paint some decorative motifs using some bright and vibrant colors, like red and yellow. write "happy rakhi 2018" or some other catchy line that you have in your mind in the center, and decorate the whole with ample of sparkles and tinkles. you can also make a bowknot of the ribbon and affix it on the left-hand corner of the card. complete this effort by writing your message inside the card. now your handmade rakhi greeting card is all set to be send for your dearest sibling in india. by now, you must be wondering to know that when is rakhi in 2018? if your answer is "yes", then it is to inform you that in 2018, the festival of rakhi falls on august the 26th. so, as you now know that when is rakhi in 2018 you ought to prepare yourself to get hold of a nice gift that would surely appease the taste of your dearest sibling in india to the most. thinking of how to send your wishes on this auspicious occasion to your dear sibling as settled in the states? well, now we will try to give an insight to this question of yours. now you can also avail the online services of a plethora of e-gifting sites across the atlantic to send your rakhi to usa. eying to the whooping number of indians settled in the us, these online gifting portals have ushered in to help you. by these means, send rakhi to usa and enjoy the festival to the very best. the extensive collection of online rakhi to usa is sure to impress your sibling, as situated therein, a lot. all these rakhis and rakhi gifts are sure to delight all. send rakhi to usa online, and usher in a sense of attachment, deep love and affection to your beloved sibling's mind. start your preparations right now, and make this rakhi 2018 a mirthful occasion that is to be cherished for an elongated period of time.

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  • send rakhi to india

    Cheap ways of sending Rakhi to India

    sending rakhi to india along with some impressive gifts is a tradition followed since the time immemorial. during yesteryears, gifting was much complicated process and also time consuming. but today, with the advent of computers and internet, online gifting portals have evolved. banking on this boon of science and technology, sending rakhi gifts to india online is a much practiced trend. apart from promptness in delivering gifts, what these online gifting sites ensure is value for money. no more jostling through crowded shopping malls, e-gifting has truly made shopping a hassle free affair. a few clicks of the mouse is what you just require to send rakhi to india on this beautiful day and make your dear ones happy. to facilitate the offshore candidates to send gifts to india on rakhi to their families in india, many a online companies have emerged. amongst these, have won plenty of accolades owing to its dedicated and proficient service. the company, since its inception in the year 1999 till date, holds a record of 100,000 successful deliveries round the globe. their superior service, prompt delivery, and a desire to excel has made it the most preferred e-gifting site in india. a strong presence in over 500+ indian cities has made this aforesaid online gifting company a reliable avenue to send rakhi gifts to india. just like every year, this year too, has showcased a plethora of gifts that are nothing but some excellent ideas to sent for your dear sibling in india. boasts a wide variety of rakhis which include pearl rakhis, diamond and gold rakhis, zardosi rakhis etc. there are section showcasing kids' rakhi and some exclusive rakhi threads that make this site the most preferred one. apart from these, rakhis sectioned under precious rakhis or silver rakhis are sure to earn eminent appreciation. selecting and sending these rakhis to india will surely take you closer to your sibling's heart to the best. not only rakhis, you will also find herein some unique gifting ideas that are sure to elate your sibling. gifts as chocolate hamper, puja thalis, awesome hampers or shagun gifts adorn the store. more to this, also caters your need of sending relation wise gifts to india. herein you will find gifts for bhaiya-bhabhi or gifts for brothers or gifts for sisters. eying to the craze of gifting to kids on any occasion herein you will also find a section of gifts for kids. apart from all these you will also find spiritual gifts, or personalized rakhi gifts and even a different section wholly devoted to rakhi return gifts. you can also avail rakhi free shipping on various gifting articles. thinking of how to send your wishes to your dear brother settled in the states on this auspicious occasion? well, we also have an answer to this question of yours. now you can also avail our services across the atlantic and send rakhi to usa. eying to the whooping number of indians settled in the us, we have ushered in to help you to send rakhi to usa and enjoy the festival to the very best. so what more are you waiting to hear for? the extensive collection of our rakhi to usa is sure to impress your brother a lot. all these rakhis and rakhi gifts are sure to delight all. send rakhi to usa with us and usher in a sense of attachment, deep love and affection to your brother's mind. so this rakhi 2018, send your rakhi to india with and enjoy the beauty of a trouble free e-gifting. with a vast network of presence all over the country, this company has an easy reach to every indian household. more to this, we also have a dedicated team of 24x7 customer support to guide you throughout the whole gifting process. the 24 x 7 customer support track the status of your orders herewith and will be provided with the best available feedback. to put you in more ease, we also accept all major international currencies and cards. added facilities such as rakhi free shipping, express delivery service adds value to every penny spent. so, send rakhi to india with and be sure to convey your wishes of the day in the righteous manner. this rakhi 2018, make your messenger of love and regards. embrace festivity with all heart, diminishing all the material hindrances of distance and places.

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  • rakhi to bangalore

    Send Rakhi to Bangalore, India

    the relation that is shared between a brother and sisters is undoubtedly the most loving one. and it is the occasion of rakhi that acknowledges this beautiful bond of mutual trust and affection. since nothing conveys our heartfelt wishes better than gifts, exchanging the same has become much a popular practice on this day. rakhi is celebrated every year on the full moon day in the hindu month of shravana. if you are wondering to know when is rakhi in the upcoming year of 2018, then it is to inform you that in the year 2018 the festival of rakhi falls on august the 26th. so, as you now know when is rakhi in 2018 you ought to prepare yourself to get hold of a nice gift that would surely elate your dearest sibling in india to the most. thanks to the worldwide dispersion of the indian populace, that the festival of rakhi has been truly alighted to the position of a global festival these days. indians spread all over the globe eagerly await for this day to send rakhi and rakhi gifts to their native land. thanks to the internet and its multiple facilities which have made the ordeal of sending gift a hassle free task. now, one can send gift to anywhere in the world with mere click of the mouse. on rakhi, the global indians tend to send gifts online to their native cities in india. there are multiple e-gifting sites that facilitates to send gifts to india on rakhi and amongst all, stands out to be the best. with the help of the reliable service of, now you can easily send rakhi to india from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of the mouse. you wish to send rakhi and rakhi gifts to your family in bangalore and still pondering for a reliable platform to send the same? bid adieu to the worries and avail the service of offers you the most secured gateway to send rakhi to bangalore. at, we have showcased a plethora of rakhi and rakhi gifts. so, wait no more, book your order now and surprise your dearest sibling on the auspicious day. ranging widely from perfumes to phones, from gift hampers to watches, is well adorned with some brilliant e-gifting ideas. apart from these gifts and an exclusive collection of rakhis, zardosi or pearl rakhis, diamond or gold rakhis, an innovative differentiation of gifts for sisters and for brothers and even for kids and infants are sure to meet your every requirement of the day to the best. all these gifts are showcased herein after keeping in view the choice of an indian to the most. so, select an apt gift and couple it with some alluring gifts. your gifts will not only elate your siblings in india but shall also earn a special place in your beloved sibling's heart. attribute yout heartfelt thoughts with some gifts. send rakhi to india in 2018 and convey those special thoughts of heart. thinking of how to send your wishes on this auspicious occasion to your dear sibling as settled in the states? well, we also have an answer to this question of yours. now you can also avail our services across the atlantic and send rakhi to usa. eying to the whooping number of indians settled in the us, we have ushered in to help you. with us, send rakhi to usa and enjoy the festival to the very best. choose from the extensive collection of gifts and send rakhi to usa along with your gifts. impress your sibling, as situated therein, a lot. all these rakhis and rakhi gifts are sure to delight all. send rakhi to usa with us and usher in a sense of attachment, deep love and affection to your beloved sibling's mind. send rakhi to bangalore, india in 2018 with us today, and we promise to deliver your gift with utter care and timeliness to the desired place. with our prominent presence all throughout the country, now it is just a matter of ease for us to deliver your rakhi gifts just in time. the committed team of our 24x7 customer care will rightly guide you throughout the entire gifting process. you can even track the status of your order herewith and will be provided with the best available feedback. we accept all major international currencies like us dollar, gbp, australian dollar, etc., as well as cards in the likes of visa, mastercard, american express, etc., to make your gifting process a more smoother task to accomplish. experience the joy of hassle free e-gifting. become a part of the celebration, even when you are miles away from your loved ones. send rakhi to india online and we, at, will be proud to be the help you in your noble attempt to vivify your dear sibling's face with a smiling curve. wish you a happy rakhi! rakhi lumba return gifts shagun gifts

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  • rakhi gifts

    Rakhi - Thread of Love

    rakhi is one of the most awaited indian occasions, celebrated with all joy and vivacity. rakhi stands to cherish the beautiful bonding of brothers and sisters. the festival is being celebrated with pomp and grandeur from ancient times. on this day, sisters tie the sacred thread of protection, rakhi, on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their well-being. brothers, in turn, give them enticing gifts and promise to care life long. this custom has been there since time immemorial. the affectionate festivity of raksha bandhan becomes a token of blessings, wishes, enthusiasm & love. rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of shraavan (as per hindu calendar). if you wish to know when is rakhi in 2018, then this is to inform you that rakhi 2018 is on 26th august. rakhi is a traditional indian festival celebrating the bond of love between brother and sister. every part of india celebrates rakhi. although the rituals vary in different states, the essence ofthe festival is same everywhere. there are many references to the significance of the rakhi festival in history of ancient india and hindu mythology.the origin of this festival is usually traced back to the historical incidents of indra's fight with vritra-indra that resulted in indra's loss. then, his wife had tied a thread around his wrist and empowered it with divine powers to make sure indra emerged victorious in the duel that followed. another incident is the one from the epic mahabharat that concerns krishna and draupadi, the wife of the pandavas. she had torn a strip of silk off her sari and tied it around krishna's index finger to stop the flow of blood. krishna was so touched by her action that he found himself bound to her by love. he promised to repay the debt and then spent the next 25 years doing just that. draupadi in spite of being married to 5 great warriors and being a daughter of a powerful monarch trusted and depended wholly on krishna. according to another legend, raksha bandhan was a ritual followed by lord yama (the lord of death) and his sister yamuna. yamuna tied rakhi to yama and bestowed immortality. yama was so moved by the serenity of the occasion that he declared that whoever gets a rakhi tied from his sister and promised her protection will become immortal. the above mention myths all attest the fact that rakhi is the sacred thread that speak for selfless love, care and affection. with the epoch-making advancements in the field of computer and internet, gifting has gone online. no need to wander around the shops within the thick crowd, nor any tension of getting proper value of the money, online shopping makes the ordeal easier and simple. the trend of online gifting has become most popular now-a-days. in this genre many portals are facilitating e-gifting. is the pioneer amongst all e-gifting portals. through our proficient delivery service and prompt delivery, we have pleased around 100,000 satisfied customers and has made 150,000 successful deliveries till date. you are sure to find an apt gift herein. now, as you know when is rakhi, you may also be keen to send some gifts online. on the occasion of rakhi, this e-gifting site showcases a plethora of gifting items. varying kinds of rakhis also adorn its store. send online rakhi to india and make the occasion even more special. there are zardosi rakhis, pearl rakhis, lumba rakhis for bhabhi and more. the charming collection of designer rakhis to kids rakhis and precious diamond and gold rakhi are also available. take your time to browse through the website of and make your choice. this rakhi 2018, be sure to carve the happy smile on your brother's face and elate him to the best. a wide variety of rakhi gifts are also available herein. from rakhi hampers to rakhi vouchers, rakhi sweets thali to spiritual gifts, the enthralling collection is sure to leave you spoiled for choices. if you wish to send rakhi to usa and surprise your brother who is settled there, then we are at your service. send rakhi to usa through us sans hassles and hazards. your rakhi to usa along with some rakhi gifts will be delivered right on the time of the festivity. send rakhi to usa through us and enfold your wishes of the day. the festival of rakhi has emerged to gain a broader significance worldwide as it spreads harmony and bring together the family members under one roof. it is a sacred thread of love that manifests the countless blessings a sister showers selflessly on her brother. rakhi to india is an occasion that commemorates the sacred bond between the brothers and sisters.

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