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Spiritual Rakhis

Spiritual RakhisRaksha Bandhan is celebrated in all over the world with great enthusiasm. This Indian festival is celebrated by tying a Rakhi thread around a brother’s wrist. On this special day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters pray for the happiness and well being of each other. Make the celebration grand by sending your loving brother spiritual Rakhis which are exclusively designed. This chapter includes articles that discuss about the significance and variety of spiritual Rakhis.

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Articles under Spiritual Rakhis

  • goddess rakhi
    Delight your spiritual Brother with Goddess Rakhi

    Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival that has its root in India but it has now spread all over the world. The sacred bond of love that exists between brothers and sisters is the main theme of this festival. The festival is encompassed with several customs and rituals which are an essential part of this celebration. The most important of these traditions is the tying of the Rakhi thread on the brother’s wrist by the sister. The celebration of Rakhi India becomes complete only after this and hence the Rakhi thread is quintessential to this event. Sisters give a lot of thought to this as they want to get their brothers a thread that they would want to wear forever. There are a large variety of Rakhis available online and you can choose a Rakhi that your brother will love. One of the newest trend in Rakhis is the increasing availability of a large number of spiritual Rakhis. These Rakhis feature various religious elements and hence they are gaining a lot of popularity among brothers. Among these Rakhis, the most famous ones are the Goddess Rakhis which are loved and admired by all. The Goddess Rakhis are those which feature the images of many of the Goddesses as their centrepiece. Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Kali are the most frequent motifs of such Rakhis.   This online Rakhi store features a number of such Goddess Rakhis in its divine Rakhis section. These divine Rakhis are a part of the precious Rakhis that are available here on this online Rakhi portal. The Golden Bright Durga Rakhi has maroon coloured threads along with various golden, red and silver trinkets. The Rakhi features the image of Goddess Durga in a golden colour wearing a silver crown and red and green earrings. The Good Luck Rakhi is composed of red and yellow threads which have been intertwined as well as golden decorations. The Rakhi has the image of Goddess Lakshmi etched on a circular base that is silver in colour with two artificial roses.   There are different kinds of Rakhi gifts available on this Rakhi site which have been divided into various sections that can be sent with these Rakhis. Many kinds of personalised Rakhi gifts available here divided into several parts that make truly memorable gifts. The Personalised Rakhi Mug is a personalised Rakhi mug that is a white mug with black inner wall. You can also get different types of chocolates for Rakhi here that have divided into three sections. The Amazing Chocolate Hamper with Rakhi is a chocolate hamper for Rakhi containing branded and handmade chocolates.   These amazing gifts along with the Goddess Rakhis can be easily sent as Rakhi to India through us. Apart from these Rakhis, there are also a number of other Raksha Bandhan threads which have attractive motifs. Rakhi to India from USA can be easily sent through this online Rakhi store where there are also many gifting options.  

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  • swastik rakhi
    Cherish your Brother with Traditional 'Swastik' sign Rakhis

    The Raksha Bandhan festival becomes complete only after the sister ties the holy Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist. Hence, the sisters spend a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect Rakhi for their brothers. However, nowadays such threads are also available on the Internet and thus online Rakhis can be easily obtained. This online Rakhi store showcases a number of Rakhis which can be sent to India for your brothers. Different types of spiritual Rakhis are becoming very popular and the Swastik Rakhis are the latest trend. Such Rakhis are available in the Om & Swastik collection of this online Rakhi portal where you can get different choices. This collection, further, is a part of the Rakhis for brother section of this Rakhi site and you can find many Rakhis here that can suit your brother’s likings. The Square Shaped Dazzling Rakhi has red and cream coloured threads along with beads of golden, red, green and white colours. The Rakhi consists of a golden coloured square shaped centrepiece that has four Swastik signs. The Pearl Swastika Rakhi is made of red and golden threads as well as beads of white and golden colours and golden rings. The Rakhi is composed of a single red and golden Swastik symbol that has been placed in the centre on a white base.   The Stunning Swastik Dori is comprised of red and orange threads with red, green and yellow trinkets and golden beads. The Rakhi has a Swastik symbol as its main attraction that is golden in colour with golden rings. The Glittering Swastik Dori Rakhi consists of red and yellow threads with zari trimmings and golden designs. The Rakhi is made of a single Swastik symbol that is the centrepiece and it is in a golden colour with self coloured stripes. The Alluring Swastika & Beads Rakhi is composed of red threads with golden, red and green beads. The Rakhi is comprised of a golden Swastik symbol with a white stone and it has been placed on a red circular base that has a golden border.   The Swastik in Heart Rakhi has threads in brown and pink colours with several golden, orange and brown decoratives. The Rakhi consists of two brown coloured heart shapes with a Swastik symbol on each of them with white studded stones. The Golden Swastika Rakhi is made of red and yellow threads along with red beads and golden rings. The Rakhi is composed of a red coloured Swastik symbol on a base that is golden and shaped like a ring.   These attractive Rakhi threads can be used to send Rakhis to India through this premier online Rakhi store. Apart from the wonderful and unique Rakhis that are available online, there is a large collection of classy and fascinating gifts for Raksha Bandhan showcased on this online Rakhi portal. They can be used along with the Rakhis to make the most delightful gifting options for sending exclusive Rakhis to India.  

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  • gifts
    Don't miss out the elegant 'Om' Rakhis

    The Rakhi threads are the most important element in the celebration of the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Sisters spend a lot of their time and energy in selecting the perfect Rakhi thread for their brother. This online Rakhi store showcases a variety of Rakhis that can be sent to any part of India from all over the world. They can be used as Rakhi gifts India along with many other gifting options that are available here. The latest trend of spiritual Rakhis can also be seen on this online Rakhi portal in the Rakhis for brother section. The Om Rakhis are becoming extremely popular and such Rakhis are available abundantly on this Rakhi site in the Om & Swastik collection. These Rakhis are available in many different styles and vibrant colours in exquisite designs. The Dazzling Om Rakhi has red and orange coloured threads along with several beads of green and red colours. The centrepiece of the Rakhi is an Om symbol that is golden in colour and studded all over with white stones. The Om Engraved Pearl Rakhi is composed of brown coloured threads and white and golden beads. The Rakhi has as its main attraction the symbol Om that has been inscribed on a brown base with a floral motif.   The Om and Ganesha Designed Rakhi consists of knotted golden threads as well as golden beads. The Rakhi has an Om symbol as its centrepiece that is in the shape of Lord Ganesha in golden colour. The Alizarin Om Rakhi contains red and yellow coloured threads along with several red and white studded stones. The main attraction of the Rakhi is the red coloured Om symbol made out of stones on a silver coloured base.   The Exclusive Om Divine Rakhi has red and yellow threads and red and golden beads and also leafy shapes. The centrepiece of the Rakhi is a brown coloured Om symbol that has been etched on a brown base. The Om Beads Rakhi is composed of red threads with silver zari as well as white and golden beads. The Rakhi has as its main attraction a golden coloured Om symbol on a red circular base with golden borders.   The Om Ganesh Rakhi Thread with Beads consists of red and yellow threads along with red, yellow and golden beads. The Rakhi has an Om symbol in the shape of Lord Ganesha in red and golden colour with white studded stones. The Elegant Om Rakhi is composed of wavy green threads and orange and golden balls as well as red and yellow rings. The main attraction of the Rakhi is the Om symbol that is golden in colour on a red base surrounded by white beads on a green frilly background.   These wonderful Om Rakhis as well as a number of other Rakhis for kids and adults can be used for sending online Rakhi to India. Many kinds of gifts are available here in different categories of brothers, sisters, kids and also bhaiya bhabhi. These Rakhi gifts to India will make this year’s Raksha Bandhan a successful one for your family.  

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  • ganesha rakhi
    Add Glory To Raksha Bandhan Celebration With Ganesha Rakhis

    Rakhi is an auspicious as well as pious occasion which is celebrated worldwide by people of many ethnicities. The essence of this festival has become multi varied and has spread across many nations. You can also avail to online rakhi to send to your loved ones. On this auspicious occasion you need to send rakhis which bring prosperity and happiness on this occasion. Ganesha Rakhis are one of those rakhis which will bring prosperity on this occasion. So send Ganesha rakhis to bring glory to Raksha Bandhan. The Stylish Ganesha Rakhi is sleek and looks more like a wristlet. It has a terracotta Ganesha statuette in the center and small beads at the sides. This rakhi will look very beautiful on your brother’s wrist.   The Attractive Ganesha Rakhi is a beautiful divine rakhi which has a centerpiece that resembles the face of Lord Ganesha and embellished with stones. The colourful beads attached to the centerpiece enhances the beauty of the rakhi.   The Om Ganesh Rakhi Thread With Beads is a sacred and gorgeous rakhi which can be tried on your brother’s wrist. The centerpiece has a metal Om with Ganesh figurine on it and is adorned with glitzy stones. This gorgeous rakhi is further beautified with a few yellow, red and golden coloured beads decorated on both the ends of this alluring rakhi.   The Rockstar Bal Ganesh Rakhi is a cute rakhi for your kid brother. The animation of Bal Ganesh is extremely popular among kids. The centerpiece of this Rakhi shows Bal Ganesh in his rockstar avatar with a guitar. Your kid brothers would be very happy.   The Lord Ganesha Divine Rakhi is an impressive rakhi thread with a symbol of Lord Ganesha with white and red stone studded work. This gives the Rakhi thread a traditional look. Both the sides of the Rakhi thread is decorated with red colored beads and balls.   The Stone Studded Lord Ganesha Rakhi looks gorgeous as it is decked with glittering white stones. A statuette of Lord Ganesha is present in the center. The two sides of the rakhi are also decorated with red yellow and green beads to give a complete look to the rakhi.   Now availing to online rakhi India is very easy and convenient because of this trusted online portal of India which caters to a wide range of rakhi and rakhi your brothers easily along with gifts and other goodies to make this occasion a merry  and memorable one which truly lasts for a long time.  

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