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This chapter discusses about various gift ideas for Rakhi. It also informs the readers about the most flexible and convenient way to send Rakhi to India. In fact, this chapter focuses on the best way rather easy way to send online gifts to India on most popular Indian festival like Raksha Bandhan.

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  • rakhi online

    What To Consider To Shop For Exclusive Rakhi Online?

    Come on, It’s classy you! who look for variety and quality in everything you wear and everything that surrounds you. In this Rakhi 2018 just be like a queen who have unlimited choices in everything involving dresses, chocolates, sweets, Rakhis, etc. Furthermore, queens don’t want whatever- was- available- I- got -that tag, instead they want exclusives, even in expressing love to their siblings while sending online Rakhi to India from a distant land. The informational list of reasons to be considered while shopping online Rakhi is as follows. Price: Everything is easy to shop if it’s for affordable prices. Many things we see in a shop but we can’t buy and if later we find that it’s available online at affordable prices we definitely go for it. So, it’s much better to search online before troubling yourself and visiting other offline shops. And in this prominent occasion of Raksha Bandhan one has to make it remarkable by giving exclusive Rakhi gifts India to their siblings so it’s much cooler if they get it on affordable prices. Today’s market is well flourished with a variety of products and a lot more competition, it’s difficult to sell a product so to attract more consumers with consumer-friendly prices is the ultimate goal of online shopping. Affordable prices and customer satisfaction are the two pillars of an online shop which gives you a genius way to shop.   Quality: Rakhi of poor or defective quality should neither be a choice nor an option. As it’s a holy bond between brothers and sisters, the quality of this sacred thread of protection should never be compromised at any cost. Sometimes a thread is of such poor quality that it breaks in just a single attempt of tying and spoil the ritual of Raksha Bandhan. The other examples of common defects are irregular threads, improperly glued pearls, weak threads, torn embroidered area etc.   Variety: People are never satisfied with limited choices; they have to be given multiple varieties to choose from. The festival of Rakhi marks the beginning of a shopping spree for everyone; they shop apparels, Rakhi, sweets and religious belongings much before the arrival of this occasion. There are different varieties of Rakhi holding a unique significance and value. For instance, character Rakhi are generally for kids and are used for stealing the attention of a particular character’s fandom. The sandalwood Rakhi are much sacred and used to complement the serenity of the atmosphere.   Convenience: If you are living in another country and wish to send your greetings and Rakhi gifts India you surely have to locate an Indian shop which sell quality Rakhi and gifts at affordable prices. Blindfolded you can’t send any Rakhi or any gift to your relatives in India, you want something beyond ordinary. It wastes your time, efforts and money if you go for a tangible shop but if you are aware with the unique idea of online shopping then there’s no one to stop you. It’s very easy as well as convenient.    

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  • rakhi varieties

    The Best Way To Get Varieties Of Rakhi Online

    Come on there’s no reason to miss out on the best Rakhi and select the old usual ones if you are living elsewhere and desire to send Rakhi India to your dear and near ones. Raksha Bandhan is such a festival which gives you an essence of your home and your country; it’s the occasion of bond between sister and brother. If you’re sending Rakhi gifts India to your beloved you do think about varieties and quality. Similarly, the holy thread “Rakhi” also needs your special attention as it’s you who have always seen quality of every product you have ever purchased. You are the queens in this metropolitan city and are need to be aware of every variety that can be possible, imaginable as well as innovative. If you want to send Rakhi to India, you would be fascinated to know that each single holy thread of this knot of protection signifies a unique value whether it’s Lumba Rakhi, character Rakhi, sandalwood Rakhi, Goddess Rakhi, Zardosi Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Om Rakhi etc. Lumba Rakhi: According to the traditions of Rajasthan the Lumba Rakhi is a special kind of Rakhi which is tied by a women to her brother’s wife’s wrist. The significance behind the Lumba Rakhi is to show marriage security and value of ardhangani (wife) in a man’s life. The shape and style of this type of Rakhi is very different from the usual Rakhi.   Character Rakhi: For grabbing your small brother’s attention in this sincere and spiritual occasion of Raksha Bandhan Character Rakhi is tied. Character Rakhi holds a strong significance of serenity along with something that intrigues a small kid. For instance Rakhi threads with the design of Chota Bheem, Bal Ganesha, Spiderman, Tom and Jerry, Shinchan, Doremon, Superman, Shaktimaan, Little Krishna and Dexter's Laboratory.   God and Goddess Rakhi: These are the sacred threads adorned with legends of Indian Mythology. They show how flagship this festival is according to Bhagwat Gita and Vishnu Purana. For example, Rakhis adorned with the character of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu and more.   Religious Motifs Rakhi: Different religious motifs like Swastika and Om decorated with different textures and colours are the most prominent priorities by sisters since ancient times.   Rose Rakhi: Roses are the sign of love which signifies pure simplicity. In this generation sisters display their affection towards their brothers by this type of Rakhi.   Diamond Rakhi: Diamond signifies royalty and shine so if you pray for your brother’s success than it’s the most suitable option.     Ever heard of Meena Bazaar? Well, it was like a full on carnival during Mughal Period that provided a wide variety of different products from all over the globe. Similarly, you can send Rakhi India choosing from the comprehensive variety of products online.  

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  • zodiac gifts

    Surprise your Brother with Gifts of his Zodiac Sign

    If you want to make Rakhi a special occasion you definitely need to make a few changes in this sphere. This becomes even more important if you want to send Rakhi to India from USA or other countries. Staying away from your brother during this time can be tough as this whole day has been dedicated to the bond you share. This online Rakhi store focusses on a variety of Rakhi gifting options which can be sent for your dear brother. After the huge success of Rakhi 2018, we can surely hope that this year’s Raksha Bandhan will be the same. A very innovative way of making this festival memorable is by sending gifts for your brother based on his zodiac sign.   We can start with Aries and you can send red, orange and yellow coloured Rakhi threads for your brother. Sports equipments can make fantastic gifts for such men. Now we come to Taurus and your brother will love Rakhi threads that come in silver and blue. For gifts, you can opt for the basic special ingredients like chocolates and flowers as this is what they like.   Those belonging to Gemini are a great fan of the colour green and hence you can send Rakhis of this colour. You can send journals and books as gifts. Now we come to Cancer and they like Rakhi threads which are made of exotic things like pearl and silk. Creating a fantastic gift for your brother out of your own hands is a good idea.   Your Leo brother will appreciate Rakhis that are orange, pink and red in colour. Perfumes, grooming kits as well as personal care items are the best gifts for your brother. Virgo brothers like Rakhis that are green and white. Showy gifts like watches are a great favourite of such men.   For your brother who belongs to the zodiac sign Libra, Rakhi threads of purple and turquoise colours are apt. Scented candles and herbal or organic soaps are perfect gifts for such brothers. If you are sending Rakhi gifts for a Scorpio you must choose a red Rakhi for him. Apart from this, branded items like clothes, shoes and watches can be sent.   Brothers belonging to the Sagittarius sun sign love a yellow coloured Rakhi thread. They do not want extravagant gifts and hence chocolates and flowers are their favourite. For your brother who is a Capricorn you can send a pink Rakhi. Corporate gifts are more to their liking and it is better if you choose such gifts for them.   A Rakhi thread that comes in a dark colour can be sent for your brother who belongs to Aquarius. You can pair it with a gift of electronic gadgets for your brother. Pisces men love white and yellow and therefore Rakhis of this colour can be sent. They are not at all choosy about their gifts and as such pricy as well as budgeted gifts can be sent.   A separate section on gifts for brother can be found on this online Rakhi portal that contain many options. You can even send gifts for your bhabhi as well as your sister and also the little ones from this Rakhi site. Sending Rakhi to India has become quite easy from here where there are many Rakhi gifts and Rakhi threads.  

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  • rakhi online sites

    Things to consider while choosing the best Indian Rakhi shopping Sites

    Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is a special time that we have been celebrating since childhood. And with passage of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to find as much time to celebrate it as we would want to. But thanks to the advent of online stores for buying varying stuff on rakhi, it is now possible to buy and send rakhi to India without much hassles. Also these portals, help us to keep our bond between siblings strong and unyielding. Also they strengthen our bond with our sister-in-law. But before we opt for buying online rakhi, we must consider a few things and keep a few things in mind before choosing those rakhis. The first to consider first and foremost is obviously the rakhi collection for brothers in a rakhi shopping portal. Check thoroughly whether the rakhis available are currently the ones trending in the market. Also whether you like their designs or if they feel backdated. Sites which keep backdated rakhis will definitely keep backdated gifts as well so better back out now.   Second check for the Rakhi thalis. Whether they are keeping assorted thalis of sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, gourmet foods, fruits, and puja thali. All those things which are important and coherent with the festival of Rakhi will surely be important for your celebrations. You need to check those thalis and how readily are they available along with their delivery time.   Next You need to check if the Kids section is up to date. For kids it's a very special day and they expect creative rakhis and fun things as gifts. It is day of frolic for kids. So it is important that you consider the kids section properly while choosing online portals. Find gifts which resonates with popular children cartoon and characters of disney and so forth. This will not only make those kids happy but also make you happy.   Next search for items which you can gift to your bhabhi. Lumba rakhi and gifts which are meant for bhabhi are necessary when your brother is married and a part of all his rituals are associated with your bhabhi. The tying of lumba in your bhabhis wrist is also considered equally auspicious for the occasion and while choosing rakhi or gifts for your brother you must definitely buy a lumba and gifts for your bhabhi.   Lastly, any gifting portal must keep some exclusive gifts like personalised gifts. Also the personalized gifts section must also contain some very unique gifts like photo puzzle, photo certificates, photo cushions etc. These photo gifts help you increase your bond with your siblings and are definitely one of those things to consider before choosing the best Indian Rakhi shopping site.   This online reliable portal thus becomes your best destination while choosing rakhi shopping sites and helps you to send rakhi to India from USA. This online rakhi portal not only stays up to date with all the rakhi trending gifts and rakhis but also makes it their point of concern that all these gifts reach to your dear ones well within time.  

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